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United Planet / Intrexx

United Planet have been creating web portals for almost 5,000 clients for more than 20 years with their innovative platform, Intrexx. Intrexx allows organizations to revolutionize the way they access documents, data and information by acting as user-friendly interface skin for other software systems. This can be for internal users but even more importantly and challenging, enabling external users by providing safe and easy access to systems such as M-Files.

For this reason, Intrexx have partnered with Convergent (M-Files Partner in Ireland since 2014) to develop a completely new version of the M-Files/Intrexx Connector. Based on the REST API, the connector allows M-Files partners to provide their customers with an individual and configurable modern web interface for any M-Files vault. The new Intrexx connector can be set up in minutes as it requires zero coding, it synchronizes seamlessly with M-Files (2 way) and works with all documents, objects, data and information stored in M-Files. Most importantly, it positions M-Files as the single source of truth whilst giving your clients the opportunity to open M-Files out to external third-parties to create additional value and time savings.

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Adlib Software

Adlib Software

Our purpose is to create better data that amplifies human potential and maximizes business performance. How do we get there? Our content intelligence and automation solutions make it easy to discover, standardize, classify, extract, leverage clean structured data from complex unstructured documents. In doing so, our global customers reduce risk, simplify compliance, automate processes and enter a whole new level of performance. For more information contact us at or visit the website.


EzeScan has quickly become one of the most popular capture software applications amongst M-Files users. Seen as the “go to product”, EzeScan is an affordable and efficient software solution to handle the critical capture issues that come across user’s desks. Users save valuable time and limit unnecessary data entry and manual processing, as by leveraging information already in your line of business applications, EzeScan can perform validation lookups to return relevant information required to register new records by simply capturing one piece of information.

Now fully compatible with the latest version of M-Files cloud offering, EzeScan allows users to transform demanding information business processes, slash errors and manual entry, greatly reduce costs, and improve the overall customer engagement.

For more information please contact us at or visit the website.

Adlib Software
Adlib Software

Team IM

For more than 20 years TEAM IM has been an industry leader, providing solution delivery and strategic guidance to our clients while supporting their unstructured content and data needs.

TEAM’s local and international knowledge, paired with our broad but deep experience across numerous sectors and technologies, has allowed us to provide valuable insight to our clients and to develop practical solutions to solve real business problems.

This experience has enabled TEAM IM to create solutions and offerings for the M-Files platform that enables our customers to get more out of M-Files. Solutions like: AutoRecords, an extension that simplifies assigning policies and rules to items without the need for manual intervention from end-users or records managers; M-Connect, a web portal that enables you to configure any business process, connecting your content with new groups of users, inside and outside your organization; And eForms which helps automate business processes for both internal and external users.

Visit the website to find out more


Fujitsu is a global leader in imaging solutions, delivering innovative scanning products and services that enable our customers to solve critical business productivity issues and streamline operations. Fujitsu provides cutting-edge scanning and imaging solutions for home, small businesses and enterprises, backed by a comprehensive portfolio of service and support programs.

Click here to learn more about the Fujitsu NX Technology Partner Program (NXT)

Adlib Software
Adlib Software


Hubshare in an out of the box Client Portal that enhances client engagement through collaborative working, secure file-sharing and project management. Tying in closely with M-Files’ core belief of one source of truth, Hubshare presents users with a branded space where they can easily access and view files stored in M-Files without them ever leaving M-Files or being copied. In addition to files, users can retrieve a multitude of data including financial information and key contact details, thus forming a “one stop shop” for all your client’s needs. Hubshare empowers professionals to interact more effectively with clients and internal teams in a simple and efficient way.

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Since the company’s inception in 1995, ChronoScan have been developing document and data capture applications for the content and document management marketplace.

ChronoScan are highly specialized developers of data capture and extraction software applications with a strong focus on developing their own intellectual property.

Currently in our product portfolio we have two editions to suit any budget, company size or application, ChronoScan Advanced Desktop and ChronoScan Enterprise both of which integrate tightly with M-Files and additionally provide functionality to customize applications using scripting. Many companies both large and small are successfully using ChronoScan today to tackle their complex and demanding capture requirements. Visit the website to find out more.

Adlib Software

Strickland Solutions

We are integration and implementation specialists. We can help you take your deployments to the next level. Don’t let your need for custom programming, artificial intelligence, or enterprise-level proficiency get in the way of a great deployment for your clients. We can help you get exactly what your client needs with our unique, white-glove approach to client interaction.

With decades of experience, we partner with you as trusted business advisors to deliver the best that M-Files has to offer. For more information contact us at, or visit our website.

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